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Ja vēlaties man kaut ko uzrakstīt- ieteikumus bloga veidošanā, sadarbības piedāvājumus, uzmundrinošus vārdus vai vienkārši vēlaties man uzrakstīt, tad es ar prieku atbildēšu. :)

If you want to send me an e-mail about suggestions for making my blog better, collaboration or job offers, inspiring words or you just want to send an e-mail, then I will answer as soon as possible with joy. :) 

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zzer teica... {Reply}

oh my god! thank you marita ,ı answer usually to are very sincerity this is being gladded me .my blog isn't about gifs.but ı try to in my article to include .ı found your articles fairly successful. I liked your articles . love to letonya:).

Marite teica... {Reply}

miss nissan> Thank you so much for such a lovely comment- I clicked the translator to your post and I could understand it at some point, you have such a wonderful blog :) Love to Turkey!

amir teica... {Reply}

I want to talk to you too

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