sestdiena, 2012. gada 28. aprīlis

Daydreams /3

Pirms kāda mēneša es iesniedzu savas 2 fotogrāfijas (attēlos redzamās) fotokonkursā grāmatai par Latgali, šonedēļ notika svinīgais pasākums pilsētas muzejā, tomēr vēl ir gaidāmi rezultāti par to vai manas fotogrāfijas tiešām tiks grāmatā. :)
About a month ago I submitted my two photos (the following two photos) as entries for photography contest for book about Latgale (region I live in), this week there was an event for this contest in my towns museum, although I will know after a while if my photos will acually be in the book.  :)

Nesen arī piedalījos zīmējumu konkursā par putniem, kurā izcīnīju 1. vietu. :) 
Recently I participated in art contest about birds, where I got 1st place. :)

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Makeup Hair and Shoes ♡ teica... {Reply}

Skaistas fotogrāfijas un tu skaisti zīmē! :)

Unknown teica... {Reply}
Šo komentāru ir noņēmis autors.
Unknown teica... {Reply}

you are so sweet. thank you. do you have a fb page also, besides your personal one?


Icegirl teica... {Reply}

Tik mīlīgs zīmējums :) Un bildes arī ļoti skaistas :)

Marite teica... {Reply}

Mīļš paldies par iedvesmojošajiem komentāriem :)

Jabolav teica... {Reply}

Hi Marite, I like your pictueres and blog too :) thank you very much for the nice words!

Inese teica... {Reply}

Ai, kāds talants...............!!!

Unknown teica... {Reply}

wow, stunning pictures :) love them! so mysterious yet phenomenal!


akvamari28 teica... {Reply}

tu esi liela, liela malacīte!:)

Unknown teica... {Reply}

lovely pics

Sofia teica... {Reply}

Hey i'm Sofia (:
I'm comes from Germany and I love your pic's *.*
They're so beautyful and they inspire me (:
And I need Inspiration for my Blog because my
Blog name 'Inspiration' :D
Maybe you like my Blog to (:

Greetings from Germany :*

Annemarie teica... {Reply}

oh thank you very much!xx

Lizzy teica... {Reply}

hi(; tolle Bilder♥ bei mir läuft gerade ne Blogvorstellung. Vlt hast du ja lust:D

Fernando Santos (Chana) teica... {Reply}

Belas fotografias e Excelente desenho....

Chicago Chic teica... {Reply}

Stunning images!


Federico Panarello teica... {Reply}

Love those pictures... they are so gorgeous!!!

Priscilla Barreto teica... {Reply}

hey my dear I found your blog just today.
May i saw congratulations. Your pictures are really good! Very inspiring and im happy to see you are going with your talent.
I wish you all the lucky.
Also i will be your follower for sure.

kisses and hugs

kosmetiktesterin teica... {Reply}

wow schöne Bilder:)

viv teica... {Reply}

many thanks for the lovely comment:)

Melis's world teica... {Reply}

AMAZİNG ! I followed this blog:)

Chris teica... {Reply}

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Chris teica... {Reply}

Marite Hello!
It's really very nice of you, especially in your country, there are not many people, as well as in neighboring countries.
I wish you a pleasant evening from France

Life's a shoe teica... {Reply}

gorgeous're so talented

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