svētdiena, 2012. gada 17. jūnijs

Music Sunday 05

Another Music Sunday post. Enjoy! :)

1. Safe and Sound - Capital cities
2. Never Let Me Go - Florence + the Machine
3. Snow Patrol - This isn't Everything You Are
4. Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars
5. High Highs - Horses
6. The Sundays - Wild Horses
7. Coldplay - Up In Flames
8. My Love - Sia

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Cloudy teica... {Reply}

Beautiful and so suitable for sunny day...

Carpe Diem

Kristians Kažmers teica... {Reply}

Unfortunately I started my 5 songs a day challenge two days ago heh. Can't listen to more today but I'll explore this list tomorrow and a day after that! Thanks!

elettrarossa teica... {Reply}

Super! Love music and message!

AVY teica... {Reply}

So many things are stopping me, but they don't really exist.

/ Avy

Lola teica... {Reply}

Buena noches!!!!! Marite

MientrasDormiasEnMadrid teica... {Reply}

Hola! gracias por visitar mi blog!
Desde hoy mismo tienes una nueva seguidora.
Que tengas un buen fin de semana.

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