svētdiena, 2014. gada 5. janvāris

Music Sunday 86

Dear readers! :) 
The first week of January - the time really runs too damn fast. 
I've been working on some studies and I'm occasionaly painting online on my livestream - . Friendly reminder that I have some prints in , and also in dA -
Have a wonderful week, everyone! :)

1. Won't Back Down - Eminem feat. Pink
2. Born To Die - Lana Del Rey
3. Paradise - Coldplay
4. England (The National Cover) - Mumford and Sons
5. Yellow Light - Of Monsters and Men
6. Say My Name Cry Me A River- The Neighbourhood
7. Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magentic Zeros
8. Secrets - One Republic

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Yvette | Classic Glam Blog teica... {Reply}


Its Yvette, from the Classic Glam Blog!

Great music choices!

I am wanting to transfer this entire blog to INSTAGRAM! I think it will be an overall easier experience. I am going to be in NYC January 22nd, and by then I hope to successfully make Classic Glam Blog an instagram blog. This means that it will be pictures and captions, but a lot more interactive. No ads, no other information. Just me, you, and the picture!

If you do not currently have an instagram, you should most definitely make one! Its easy. Once I get to a certain amount of followers, I will transfer this blog over to instagram, although i'm already updating instagram. In the comments on my blog-- or reply to this email!-- let me know what you think, PLEASE! I'd love some great feedback :) and also make sure to tell me your instagram username & follow my page for some awesome information to come shortly. I will be writing and showing travels, style inspiration, recipes, and workouts! And of course, giveaways, like a blog!

Classic Glam Blog

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