svētdiena, 2014. gada 23. februāris

Music Sunday 93

Dear readers! 
It's 23rd February and yet It's still very cold here. 
I recently (today actually) watched a really interesting and insightful video (that I included in this post) by  researcher Heidi Grant Halvorson who explores the mindsets needed to ensure personal growth. She explains that we should avoid a “Be Good” mindset — one where we are constantly attempting to prove our superiority to the world. Instead, we should embrace a “Get Better” mindset — where we always perceive ourselves as having more to learn. 
Will try to change some of my bad habits - as getting to sleep earlier (as 5-6 hours of sleep is way not enough) and will make a schedule, similar to amazing one by  Level up! and there are lots of useful information and just awesome art on Wojtek Fus youtube channel
Also I made an Illustration for Sven - lovely character from "Frozen".
Have a wonderful week, everyone! :)


1. Oblivion - Tenfold Rabbit
2. Good Man Down - Ewert and The Two Dragons
3. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards - Tame Impala
4. Apple Tree - Nina Nesbitt
5. Dancing In  The Dark - Bruce Springston
6. Little Bird - Ed Sheeran
7. You Are Enough - Sleeping At Last
8. World Spin, Home Spun - Bronze Radio Edit 

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