pirmdiena, 2012. gada 31. decembris

Music Sunday 33

Dear readers! 
It's the last day of this year and it went by so fast. It has been extraordinary and quite wonderful year for me.
I have met so many nice and inspirational people (mostly in the internet :D, but still), watched way too many TV series , traveled to Belgium and Sweden and finally painted as much as I wanted and needed. Also I had a plaster on my leg and I kind a gave up on photography, but I hope for the best. 
I wish you all to have an amazing and magical New 2013 Year and for all your wishes to come true! :)

""Bright memories" - ink, fanart of the movie "Up"

1. Obsessions - Marina & the Diamonds
2. Eyes Wide Open - Gotye
3. Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness
4. Ed Sheeran - Pony
5. Feel Somebody Good inc. - Lakyn Heperi
6. Lost in The Light - Bahamas
7. Jac M Chillstep - Perth
8. Helena Beat - Foster the People

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Sabrina teica... {Reply}

Oh I hope I will see Sweden one day,too.

Lola teica... {Reply}

Hola buenos tardes!!!! marite como me gusta esta pelicula
Te deseo un día, una semana, un mes, un año y toda una vida llena de ilusiones y momentos maravillosos. Todo está dentro de ti para que se cumpla. ¡Feliz año nuevo!

Deseo que la paz secuestre tu vida, el amor inunde tu alma y la felicidad refleje en tu cara, te deseo, de corazón todo lo bueno que te mereces. Feliz Año Nuevo 2013

Un beso
Feliz año nuevo 2013
Feliz brindis de fin de año e inicio del año nuevo



Unknown teica... {Reply}

Happy new year!! Paolo :)

Anonyme. teica... {Reply}

Nice blog!
Would you like to follow each other?
Have a great day ;) !

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