svētdiena, 2013. gada 13. janvāris

Music Sunday 35

Dear readers! 
So in few days it will be almost the middle of January. Everything is covered in snow and the overall temperature is so damn low and  It's also freezingly cold. Next week won't be easy for me.
I'm reading wonderful books at nights (having some insomnia too)  and drinking a lots of warm tea... and drawing also. :)
Have a great week, everyone! ^^

"Dream Guardian" - watercolors/ink/black ballpoint pen

My photo of clouds from above, which I captured last year in September. :)

1. Shugo Tokumaru- Rum Hee
2. Ellie Goulding - Only You
3. Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk - Paperweight
4. Peter Bjorn and John - Eyes
5. Vermilion - Club Odd
6. Yacht Dystopia - The Eart is On Fire
7. Vashti Bunyan - Train Song
8. Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon

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Rowan - Rebels maar Romantisch teica... {Reply}

Wow, amazing drawing! I follow you. :) xo

ANDYSTYLE teica... {Reply}


Ileana teica... {Reply}

Love the sky picture!

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