svētdiena, 2013. gada 20. janvāris

Music Sunday 36 & Inspiration Board 2.0

Dear readers! 
It's 20th January and time runs so fast. I'm currently influenced by Japanese music & art - i just have no idea why. Mainly piano music, Shugo Tokumaru, watercolor landscapes and calligraphy. :)
...and I decided to post photo of how my inspiration board 2.0 looks now.
I made a post 6 months ago of it's main version and there are lots of new stuff - paintings, posters,
 postcards and little notes.
Have a wonderful week, everyone! :) 

1. Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood
2. Rum Hee - Shugo Tokumaru
3. My People are Around- New Beard
4. For You - Angus & Julia Stone
5. The Funeral - Band Of Horses
6. Blinking Lights (For You) - EELS
7. Sigur Ros - Gobbledikook (Instrumental)
8. Float On - Ben Lee

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MILEX teica... {Reply}

I may be your new stalker, be careful

Lola teica... {Reply}

Hola ¡¡ quería desearte un feliz día

Ileana teica... {Reply}

Love that board!

AVY teica... {Reply}

Looks like some good inspiration, very pretty!

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