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Music Sunday 44

Dear readers!
It's almost the middle of March and I'm having an English language exam in 10 days. A bit anxious, but hopefully everything will be okay. :) Also will try to use less of too bright& vibrant colors to challenge myself and of course there will be soon more art by me - a landscape painting and fanart of Castiel. :)
Below my recent painting - "ColorShip of dreams", painted with ink. :) 
...and deviant artist ~NerraKenobi recently wrote a poem "The Sunset Girl" inspired by one of my paintings. 
Have an amazing week everyone! 


1. White Nights - Oh Land
2. Crystalised - The xx
3. Trophy - Bat for Lashes
4. Love - Daughter
5. Regina Spector - Firewood
6. Coming Down  - Dum Dum Girls
7. Sons Of The East - Hold On
8. Chicago (Acoustic) - Sufjan Stevens 

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Clara teica... {Reply}

Cool painting! And good luck on your English exams! :D

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