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Music Sunday 45

Dear readers! 
It's already the end of the March and I will have an exam in 2 days. Also will have some chocolate&coffee tomorrow to celebrate the day of my name - Marite, as it is stated in Latvian calendar. :) By the way, my name means "ladybird" in latvian and It was given to me by my dad.  
Also recently I have been listening to podcasts by Chris Oatley - 
Interviews with artists, tips and tutorials, there are also a lot of amazing podcasts in Paper Wings website for comic artists, but It's useful for all the artists who seek some great resources and advice.
...and as you may notice I haven't finished those two paintings that I mentioned in earlier post, but I managed to put a lot of time and effort in this one - "Soul Guardian" - painted from my pencil sketch and painted in Photoshop CS3. Will try to be as productive as possible in next two weeks and I wish you all to have an amazing and inspiring week! :) 

1. If I Had a Boat - James Vincent McMorrow
2. Bavarian (Say You Will) - Mike Snow
3. Turning Page - Sleeping at Last
4. Possibility - Lykke Li
5. Demon Host - Timber Timbre
6. I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons
7. Lions in Cages - Wolf Gang
8. Chemo Limo - Regina Spektor

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That's a really beautiful meaning for a name!

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