svētdiena, 2013. gada 7. aprīlis

Music Sunday 47

Dear readers! :)
So the holidays are over and I have to return to school tomorrow. However, I managed not to procrastinate so much in these days and finished two drawings/paintings - the eyes of "Sherlock, John and Moriarty" (from Sherlock BBC) - black ballpoint pen and ink and "Wandering Lionheart" - kitten and city drawn traditionally with black pen and then colored digitally. :)  I'm on my way to improve and I wish everyone to have a wonderful week! :) 


1. Ed Sheeran and Passenger  - No Diggity
2. Young Boys - Sin Fang
3. Hold on to What you Believe - Mumford & Sons
4. Only Love - Ben Howard
5. Love Love Love - Of Monsters and Men
6. Lights - Ellie Goulding
7. The Lightning Strike - Snow Patrol
8. Kinda Outta Luck - Lana Del Rey

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Zyzanna teica... {Reply}

Oh the cat one is great!

Libbie teica... {Reply}

I like number 1!!! :)


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