svētdiena, 2013. gada 14. aprīlis

Music Sunday 48

Dear readers!
It's been a long week. 
It's still such a cold & snowy weather here, although It's already middle of the April.
... and I completely changed my future plans and /yeah/ things certainly happen for a reason..
.. and I visited a marvelous painter - Zane Balode  and now I'm incredibly inspired - also we went to 
exhibition hall "Arsenāls" of Latvian National art museum and there were artworks of Purvīša prize laureates  and It was breathtaking and inspirational experience. 
.. currently working on studying human anatomy, found this amazing book in the internet - "Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist"   and I shall improve as much as possible. :) 
Have a wonderful week everyone! 


“butterflies can’t see their own wings and don’t know how beautiful they are. people are like butterflies”

1. Towers - Bon Iver
2. Passenger - Things You've never done
3. Barcelona - Come Back when you can
4. Katie Herzig - Lost & Found
5. Angus & Julia Stone - And the boys
6. the Civil Wars - Barton Hollow
7. Nico Vega - Beast (Folk Blues version)
8. Noah Gundersen - Family

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Rowan - Rebels maar Romantisch teica... {Reply}

Love the paintings! I can see why this inspires you. :) xox

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