svētdiena, 2013. gada 23. jūnijs

Music Sunday 58

Dear readers!
It's the Midsummer celebration day, also called in Latvia as Līgo/Jāņu diena.
I graduated high school yesterday and been very sleepy all day. I also managed to finish my drawing with ballpoint pen - "Empathy"  (which you can see in this post) - fanart of  amazing tv series Hannibal just before the season finale. (I also got a retweet from writer-producer of Hannibal  - Bryan Fuller in that evening) :) 
I'll also try to paint/make/record new ink speedpainting in next week. 
Have a wonderful week everyone!

1. Charlotte Carpenter - In The Night
2. Sanders Bohlke - The Weight of Us
3. Lewis Watson - Into The Wild
4. Ben Howard - Esmerelda
5. You Belong to Me - Jason Wade
6. Lord Huron - Ghost On The Shore
7. The National - Runaway
8. Brand New - The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot

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AVY teica... {Reply}

That drawing is spectacular, I'm seriously impressed.


Marite teica... {Reply}

@AVY Thank you so much, Avy :) ^^

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