svētdiena, 2013. gada 2. jūnijs

Music Sunday 55

Dear readers! 
It's already June. Like, seriously, half of the year is already gone. 
.. and I will miss Matt Smith as 11th regeneration of Doctor Who, he was my favorite one, because I started with 5th season/series. and Ben Edlund leaving Supernatural. more like no. 
ehh, live goes on and I will finish a painting tomorrow, and then visit my grandparents for about a week. 
and I have been listening a lot to TED talks -click here to page with a lot of podcasts to download and 
listen for free
Hug for DW and SPN fandom fellows and I wish you all to have an amazing week! :) 


1. Just Keep Breathing - Veronica Ambitious
2. Next Year - Two Door Cinema Club
3. Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
4. Where are you now - Mumford & Sons, Emmy Lou Harris, Jerry Douglas
5. Flowers in Your Hair - the Lumineers
6. In the End - Pete Lawrie
7. Lady Percy - King Charles 
8. She Lit a fire - Lord Huron

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