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Music Sunday 60

Dear readers!
This month surely will be full of stress and anxiety, as I'll have to apply for a university. Got my exam results and they were better than I expected, will get my certificate tomorrow. :) 
I also finished "Lost and Found" ink painting. Finally used Winsor&Newton inks and they are wonderful, but not so easy to use. I also discovered podcasts by Drawn Today and been listening them 
while drawing. Also Coffitivity  (environment like in a coffee house) is awesome to listen to boos productivity and creativity. Also I've been watching The Internet Icon and *spoilers* was so upset that Joule Thief was eliminated, but I'm surely voting for him as a fan favorite and can't wait for more awesome videos to come.
Have an amazing week everyone! :) 

Ink on watercolor paper. 
4 hours in real-time. 
Reference of Fox photography by Yves Bergeron  (
Music in video - Tessa Rose Jackson - Lost And Found (
(reference and music are used in this video with permission of the artists)

1. First Aid Kit - Wolf
2. Calexico - Fortune Teller
3. Spring Offensive - Not Drowning But Waving
4. The Lumineers - Dead Sea
5. Lord Huron - Son Of A Gun
6. Cold War Kids - Miracle Mile
7. Kid Astray - The Mess
8. Runer - Outlines & Coulours

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RitaGri teica... {Reply}

Veiksmi stājoties augstskolā!

Miu teica... {Reply}

My favourite is the first song :)

Good luck with your applications!

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