svētdiena, 2013. gada 21. jūlijs

Music Sunday 62

Dear readers! 
I'm currently not at home, just having the most important time of my life. 
Will have the exams next week, hopefully everything will be okay. :) 
Also I finished watercolor/ink painting - "Luminous Owl"
Have a wonderful week everyone! :)

1. Matt Corby - Brother
2. Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up
3. Roadkill Ghost Choir - Beggars' Guild
4. Boy - Little Numbers
5. Dan Croll - Compliment Your Soul
6. My Morning Jacket - Librarian
7. Bastille - Flaws
8. These Mortal Cities - Casanova 

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RitaGri teica... {Reply}

Lai veiksme eksāmenos!
Gudrā pūce tev palīdzēs!

Anonīms teica... {Reply}

Beautiful work! I love your use of colors : ] I also really love the time lapse video of the fox! So awesome!!

And congratulations on graduating high school! And for getting the tweet from the Hannibal writer! I don't watch the show, but that's just so cool!

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