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Music Sunday 64

Dear readers!
It's the 4th of August and past few weeks have been really weird and anxious. 
But everything is okay now and that's all that matters. 
...and the 12th Doctor has been revealed (*spoilers*Peter Capaldi)
I assumed that the 12th regeneration will be younger version, but I guess Peter seems to be such an amazing and wonderful actor and I'm just so excited for him to be the 12th one... and I'm just so sad that Matt Smith will leave the DW in Christmas special episode... he was my favorite one, because I started watching Doctor Who from 5th series, when he was the Doctor. ahh 
.. and I started to watch the Death Note. yeah. 
and here's also some new fanart and music mix
Have a wonderful week, everyone! :)

"Ellie - The Last of Us"/ black ballpoint pen and little bit of white ink

1. Missy Higgins - Sweet Arms Of A Tune
2. Yukon Blonde - Wind Blows  Bumstead Productions Ltd.
3. Milo Greene - Perfectly Aligned 
4. Alela Diane - Tired Feet
5. Coolrunnings - I Am You (Star Slinger Remix)
6. Bobby Long - The Bounty Of Mary Jane
7. Ghost In Your Bed - My Gold Mask
8. Daughter - Candles

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