svētdiena, 2013. gada 25. augusts

Music Sunday 67

Dear readers! 
Another week has passed by.
I got new headphones, actually bought them, because the old ones were once again broken. I just tend to  listen music & podcasts way too frequently. I also discovered amazing Nerdist podcasts. Really liked the "Making It", where Riki Lindhome talks to people in the entertainment industry and asks them how they got their careers. .. and according to this website analyzer my website is written by a female somewhere between 36-50 years old. (but I'm 18!, damn :D) "The writing style is personal and happy most of the time"... and  "the is the 180th most happy blog of 14035 ranked", which is quite lovely.
Have a wonderful week, everyone :)


1. Lauren Aquilina - King
2. Regina Spector -  Blue Lips
3. Birdy - People Help the People
4. Florence + the Machine - Breath Of Life
5. The Tiny - Closer
6. Imagine Dragons - Demons
7. Ellie Goulding - The Wolves
8 Bastille - Oblivion

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