svētdiena, 2013. gada 1. septembris

Music Sunday 68

Dear readers! 
It's the 1st September and I'll be having tomorrow my first day in university (LMA LF).
I finally finished ballpoint pen drawing "Sonder" - It's on A4 paper and took me about 40 hours to draw.
I also want to share some vimeo videos - first one - "Deathinger" - is about a little & cute grim reaper who attends school for the reapers and the second one is a poignant story of life, love, music and 96 year old Fred and his love for his wife Lorraine.
Have a wonderful week everyone! :) 


1. Mumford & Sons - Babel
2. Of Monsters & Men - Six weeks
3. Florence and The Machine - Howl
4. Local Natives - You & I
5. Atlas Genius - If So
6. Ben Howard - Diamonds
7. The Neighbourhood - Female Robbery
8. The Lumineers - Elouise

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Miu teica... {Reply}

I've just discovered the video about Fred on tumblr and I was crying like a baby.

Mēnessmeitens teica... {Reply}

Paldies par burvīgiem video, skatoties par Fredu arī es raudāju. Jebkurai sievietei šķiet gribētos, lai arī viņu mīlētu tik stipri, kā Freds mīlēja savu sievu.

Unknown teica... {Reply}

Apsveicu ar iestāšanos LMA ;)

RitaGri teica... {Reply}

Lai interesantas, radošas studijas!(LF - kāda fakultāte?)

Marite teica... {Reply}

@RitaGri LF - Latgales Filiāle :)

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