svētdiena, 2013. gada 29. septembris

Music Sunday 72

Dear readers! 
My life has been like rollercoaster in the last few days - had my ups and downs, but I'm quite happy with how things have turned out. Finally got a laptop (named it Impala, because of reasons), 
have been doing a lots of studies (as these ones of eyes I posted), figure drawing and will try to focus more on digital art (personal project stuff) next week. My birthday (26th September) went by and I'm now 19 years old. yay.   
Have a wonderful week everyone! :) 

1. Celeste - Les Enfants
2. I'll Wait for you - Lowing
3. Lazerburn - Jesse Woods
4. Shake - The Head and The Heart 
5. Streets of Del Mino - Isaac De Heer
6. Young - The Paper Kites
7. Royals - American Authors
8. World Spin, Home Spun - Bronze Radio Return 

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Anonīms teica... {Reply}

What beautiful eyes! Back when I was in art classes and afterwards when I drew for fun, facial features were my favorites to draw (eyes...noses...lips...) Yours are much better than mine though haha.

I also love the rose from last week's post! You do a really nice job coloring with your computer. It turned out lovely : ]

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