svētdiena, 2013. gada 27. oktobris

Music Sunday 76

Dear readers! :) 
Time for the weekly Sunday post. 
It's also almost the end of the October - like how did even that happen. 
Yesterday watched Pacific Rim - something between Transformers and Attack on Titan. 
I really adore the Inception movie too, those dreams within dreams and those amazing sceneries. 
and It's Halloween soon. :) 
Managed to finish a digital painting this week too - "Winter Owl"
~10 h, drawn in  Photoshop CS6
Have a wonderful week, everyone! 

1. Glory and Gore - Lorde
2. Get Home - Bastille 
3. Dorian - Agnes Obel
4. Love Like This - Kodaline
5. That Dress Looks Nice On You - Sufjan Stevens
6. Shot Reverse Shot - Jack Johnson
7. The Breach - Dustin Tebbutt
8. Wings - Birdy

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