trešdiena, 2012. gada 14. marts


Manis veidotās mazas papīra (origami) sirsniņas no pašās krāsotā nošu papīra. :) 
Self made little paper (origami) hearts from my watercolor painting over note paper. :)

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yiqin; teica... {Reply}

so cute

chiikalivelovelaugh teica... {Reply}

aaa soooo pretty :)i love it
xoxo stephi

Marite teica... {Reply}

thank you so much girls :) ^^

Mery Arbi teica... {Reply}

Thanks for ur sweet post in my blog! i did not know about yours and is so cute :) what about following eachother?

Ramona teica... {Reply}

ļoooti mīlīgas. un vispār tev ir jauks un interesants blogs.

Tev ir jauns sekotājs.

xoxo Ra

chibiaion teica... {Reply}

Amazing! Love the sweet colors used and that music paper itself heightens the drama.

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Melita teica... {Reply}

Great pictures :)

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