pirmdiena, 2012. gada 5. marts

Sun on the edge

Viena no manām vismīļākajām fotogrāfijām, ko jebkad esmu uzņēmusi ar savu mazo kodak.

One of my most favourite photos I have ever taken with my little kodak.

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BellsInSpires teica... {Reply}

so beautiful!

Gabriele Vilkonyte teica... {Reply}

wow. You are very creative. i lvoe this photo and your paintings!!
I really like your blog, so I'm following it now with bloglovin.com


have a nice day, dear!

Marite teica... {Reply}

thank you so much :) *hugs*
followed back ^^

chiikalivelovelaugh teica... {Reply}

wow, you take beautiful photos...what is it a picture of? i can't stop staring at it
xoxo stephi

chiikalivelovelaugh teica... {Reply}

wow that's so cool thanks for letting me know :)

Inese teica... {Reply}

Dievīga bilde!!!

Unknown teica... {Reply}

the photography on your blog is just amazing!! :) enjyoed, and thanks for the inspiration. :) enjoyed browsing, and you have a new follower on google! hoping to stay connected, and have a great day!


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