sestdiena, 2012. gada 17. marts

When the sun goes down

Tāds nu šodien bija saulriets, ko redzēju un paguvu arī ietvert fotogrāfijā. 
So here goes sunset which I saw today and captured in the photo.

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Infamous 32 teica... {Reply}

I love the way the sun ligths up the water,
with the gold lines by the clouds and just yea.
Its an excellent picture ;]

chiikalivelovelaugh teica... {Reply}

oh my goodness ya it does look like a pepsi photo, cool!
you take really beautiful pictures Marite, keep it up :)
XO stephi

yiqin; teica... {Reply}

lovely <3

Unknown teica... {Reply}

those are beautiful pictures. i am a newbie to your blog! i'm glad i found it. i invite you to check out mine. =)

Darleen Hope teica... {Reply}

Hey, your blog is amazing! :) You take great photos! Ok, it looks like the pepsi logo... But it's an amazing shot anyway ;)

Anonīms teica... {Reply}

Por do sol lindíssimo... As fotos são excelentes

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