sestdiena, 2012. gada 1. septembris

S(art)uday 04

"Lovely bird". Made with colored ink. :) 

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Unknown teica... {Reply}

Skaisti.. )

Anonīms teica... {Reply}

Beautiful! I think this is my favorite drawing of yours so far. I love it!!

Lina | Swedish photo blog ♥ teica... {Reply}

That's so cool! :)

Melissa Baker teica... {Reply}

Wow, you got talent girl!

Natalia teica... {Reply}

Hey! This bird is so lovely, too lovely! I'd like to have it at my home :) Thank you for sharing the music!

Anonīms teica... {Reply}

beautiful pictures! :)

fee teica... {Reply}

That drawing is amazing!
Fee x

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