svētdiena, 2012. gada 9. septembris

S(art)uday 05

"Wonderful bird" - colored ink +black pen for details :) 
(Wanted to upload yesterday, but I was home only at midnight.) 

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Cloudy teica... {Reply}

Wind trägt unsere Gedanken fort, in Wolken gehüllt umrunden sie die Welt...

Lieben Gruß und Carpe Diem

WhatSheSaysGoes teica... {Reply}

Really beautiful piece, I love all your work you have done or the ones I've seen! I didn't know you did commission work or designs for other people! So exciting :-)

Natalia teica... {Reply}

Oh, I missed this one again! How pretty!

Mildred teica... {Reply}

This one is great too!

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