svētdiena, 2012. gada 14. oktobris

Music Sunday 22

It's already middle of October. I don't like that It's getting colder, but winter is coming and I just try to keep myself warm with fuzzy blanket, a cup of warm tea and wonderful songs/tv series. 
Have an amazing week, everyone! :) 

1. Autumn Leaves - Ed Sheeran
2. Stay - Hurts
3. Gracious - Ben Howard
4. Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons
5. Howl - Florence + The Machine
6. A Maker Of My Time - The Paper Kites
7. You're a Star - The Killers
The Humbling River- Duet Mix

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Sheriden | The Indie Byline teica... {Reply}

Wow, beautiful selection! I love Howl, but I especially love love You're a Star by the Killers. I have such a weakness for them, I can't help it :)

The Indie Byline

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