svētdiena, 2012. gada 28. oktobris

Music Sunday 24

Dear, readers! 
It's snowing here - in Latvia and next week I'm having autumn holidays. I didn't post s(art)uday this week, only because I'm making diorama for contest in deviantart and it takes so much time, making it extremely detailed. However I will post 2-3 new artworks next Saturday.
Also It's GISHWHES week and I also will just try not to procrastinate this week.
Finally finished listening the audiobook of "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green.
Such an inspirational book, so magnificent, full filled with so many emotions and so deep and heartbreaking.
Have a wonderful week everyone! :)

1. What's The Matter - Milo Greene
2. October - Helio Sequence
3. Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It - Stars
4.Roll Away Your Stone- Mumford & Sons
5. Amazing - Blue October
6. Phantogram - When I'm Small
7. More Than Life- Whitley
8. Missed the Boat - Modest Mouse

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Mildred teica... {Reply}

Hum...thats what I've been doing a lot lately!!!
Thanks for sharing;o)

Have a great s/w/eek too****

Mildred teica... {Reply}

It's very cold since yesterday here -east of France- and today we had some snowflakes!


AVY teica... {Reply}

You're pretty.


selina teica... {Reply}

your artwork is soo cool, really digging the music as well!

yishyene teica... {Reply}

Music SUNDAY! Much better than Music Monday ;)


Lola teica... {Reply}

¡Hola preciosa¡ me alegra saludarte espero que pases un feliz día

Una amiga de Sevilla

Un abrazo

Feliz semana

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