svētdiena, 2012. gada 21. oktobris

Music Sunday 23

So It's already 21st October, damn, time runs so fast. 
So there was this art contest for Latvian writer A. Eglītis 100th jubilee and I got 2nd place. I feel so great, although It always sucks to be in 2nd place. It's like I wasn't good enough in some kind of way. 
Anyhow, I will totally buy for the prize, myself a wacom tablet I've been craving for such a long time. 
Can't wait to finally get used to digital drawings too. :) ^^ 
It's getting colder each day and I have this last week of school before autumn holidays.. so much things do
 to, so many TV series to watch.
Have a wonderful week, everyone! :)

1. The Plains/ Bitter Dancer - Fleet Foxes
2. Fallulah - Give Us a Little Love
3. Mississippi - King Charles
4. Hugh Grant feat. Haley Bennett - Way Back Into Love
5. My. Quiche - Wildcat! Wildcat!
6. Slow It Down - The Lumineers
7. Stubborn Love - Universal Music Backstage
8. This Head I Hold - Electric Guest

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Sam Murakami teica... {Reply}

What did you hand in for the contes? Or did I miss it in a previous post? Anyway, congratulations on getting to 2nd place! I know it sucks to be not as good as maybe the 1st but art is so highly varying by person, you should be proud of what you achieved! :)

Marite teica... {Reply}

@Sam Murakami It was a drawing. There was about 150 drawings in different age categories and they really couldn't decide, so they had the closed voting :)Thank you so much for such a wonderful&inspirational comment. *hug* :)

Mish teica... {Reply}

Congratulations on winning! :) 2nd is still great! Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog! Followed you! Hope you follow mine as well :)

XO, Mish

Jess teica... {Reply}

aw don't worry, don't get yourself down. 2nd is still awesome! better then not placing at all!

Ileana teica... {Reply}

That's awesome! Congrats :D

OH! Don' forget to check my Anna Dello Russo at H&M GIVEAWAY :).

Mildred teica... {Reply}

Keep on trying for the first place!
I'm sure it will come when it's time;o)

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